Web Hosting

Site Design


We offer website hosting in our world-class data center. The center is one of the most modern and most reliable centers in the world.  Servers are monitored 24/7/365.

You never have to worry about your site not being available.

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Site Design

We design sites using the lastest and most up-to-date techhnologies.

Using responsive design, we can make sure that your sites work just as well and look just as good on a desktop as they do a cell phone or tablet.

Responsive design is also mandatory for proper search engine rankings.

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Custom Programming

Whether it be a data driven website or a custom Windows desktop application, KEP.NET can craft a solution to meet your needs.

We use a wide variety of database formats so, chances are, your data will not need an costly and time-consuming conversion to another format.

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Most web hosts are just that; web hosts...PERIOD.

At KEP.NET, we combine our world-class hosting with our flair for web design and are able to help you in areas where other hosts either cannot or will not.

For example, most of our clients are not web designers and they sometimes have problems or questions about the design of their site. As we said, with most other web hosts, you have to figure it out for yourself or pay a site designer to help you. We WILL take the time to help you...at NO CHARGE. It’s all a part of the service. Of course, we won’t re-design your whole site for free. But we will help you with those little “how-to’s” that just drive you crazy. Try getting that kind of service from your current web host!

And we’re here for you, 24/7/365! We’re just a phone call or email away. No waiting cues, no voice-mail You get right through to a real, living, breathing, care human being. You won’t find much of that kind of service anymore either.

Whether it be a data-driven website or just a display site, KEP.NET can help you...and at a price you CAN afford.